Truth Or Dare Questions for WhatsApp (Updated 2019)

Find out the true secrets of your friends or your loved ones, by getting them to answer these questions & dares on WhatsApp or elswhere.

Truth Questions for WhatsApp

Truth and dare games will help you know your friends better. These WhatsApp dare games are for friends, lovers, couples or your secret crush. Here's a list of the very best & good Truth Questions:

1. What is your most embaressing Nickname?

2. How many times were you in a relationship?

3. What relationship do you want with me?

4. Describe me in 3 lines.

5. The thing you want to be changed in me?

6. Do you see me as a friend, or someone you can be in a relationship with?

7. Have you ever in your lifetime cheated on someone?

8. What do you feel about me?

9. Who is your best friend?

10. Things you like most about me?

11. What is my name on your contact list?

12. What is the feature that attracts you to a boy/girl?

13. Have you ever been jealous of someone? If so, who?

14. What do you like about yourself?

15. Things you hate about me?

16. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

17. What is your deepest secret?

18. What is the worst thing you've woken up to?

19. What is the closest thing to a romantic encounter you've ever had?

20. What is the most awkward moment you've ever had?

21. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

22. Name your first crush?

23. What was your first impression about me?

24. What was your craziest dream?

25. Relationship status you want with me?

WhatsApp Dares

List of some very funny dares you can do on WhatsApp. Have a great time with friends and play these cool whatsapp dare games. These dares will help you get closer to your friends and know them better.

1. Try one of your pick up lines on me.

2. Rate my profile picture on a scale of 1/10.

3. Dedicate a song to me.

4. Write the name of your crush on your status.

5. Send me the cutest picture of yours.

6. Pick a color that suits me.

7. Say a cheesy sentence to me.

8. Upload a picture I give you, as your profile pic.

9. Propose me right now.

10. Send me your crush's picture.

11. Send me your worst pic.

12. Record a clip saying something about me.

13. Like all my pictures on Instagram or FB.

14. Call/Text your crush.

15. Write my name in your status for a day.

16. Make me laugh.

17. Post a picture of me as your WhatsApp Story.

Truth or Dare Questions for WhatsApp

You may think you know everything about someone, whether it is your partner or your best friend. But we don't know them completely. Get your friends to play and answer the Truth Questions and WhatsApp Dares and understand them better. These good truth questions and good dares can help couples and friends get closer.

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